construction accident at jfk airport

construction accident at jfk airport
construction accident at jfk airport

Construction accident at jfk airport New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) was suspended in the late morning of April 3rd after two construction workers were killed in an accident. The two employees were digging a ditch as part of an airport expansion project. Unfortunately, a section of the terminal above them fell, killing both of them. Following the disaster, the airport issued a statement stating that all building at the airport will be halted. Construction operations will be allowed to continue once all construction zones have been thoroughly inspected.

Officials claimed the employees passed away after being trapped beneath wreckage while shifting power wires at the airport. An inquiry was under progress. construction accident at jfk airport authority say two employees died at Kennedy International Airport on Monday after they were trapped beneath construction wreckage inside a trench while shifting electrical wires as part of a larger airport revamp.

construction accident at jfk airport
construction accident at jfk airport

construction accident at jfk airport:

The construction accident at jfk airport happened in the early morning hours of April 3rd. The two construction workers, ages 28 and 41, were relocating utility lines in a trench at the time. Their effort was part of a scheme to considerably increase the airport’s capacity at JFK.

The structure above the trench fell in on top of the couple as they were shifting the power lines. Teams of emergency workers and construction workers worked nonstop to extract the two from the wreckage. The two deceased workmen were later extracted from the wreckage. construction accident at jfk airport was reported on social media platform. Read about the face split diving accident.

According to the authorities, flight operations were unaffected. According to CBS News, at least four of the deceased employees’ distraught coworkers could be seen being escorted away from the trench in tears.

Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, published a message on Twitter stating her “thoughts are with the families and friends of this two people tragically killed.”

Investigation of construction accident at jfk airport

The cause of the collapse has not yet been revealed. What is known is that construction works were halted as a result of the fall. It further stated that the Port Authority will investigate the incident and that construction would resume only after an audit.

A full event report will be issued after the investigation is completed. In the following days, all work zones at the airport will be inspected to ensure the safety of construction operations. construction accident at jfk airport feared the workers. Once these studies are done, the airport will give the go ahead for work to resume.

Flight schedules at JFK were unaffected by the mishap, according to ABC News. However, traffic was seriously impacted as dozens of emergency response vehicles hindered ordinary traffic while attempting to reach the area. Following the rescue attempts, traffic congestion lasted many hours.

The guys were stuck while shifting utility wires near the airport’s power plant, according to a Port Authority official. The assignment was linked to a $18 billion J.F.K. airport renovation project that involves the expansion of two current terminals as well as the building of two new ones. If you do not read the split face diving accident is a common accident happen during swimming.

Airport expansion project

The latest disaster was part of a big project by the airport to modernize most of the airport. This revamp is anticipated to cost $18 billion. The project was announced and planned before to the epidemic; nevertheless, the current surge in air travel demand has helped push the project forward and encouraged the airport to complete it as soon as possible. construction accident at jfk airport is due to the expansion project.

Several airlines have relocated operations to different terminals in recent months due to development. This is due to the fact that the project includes the expansion of two terminals. The management team at JFK intends to boost capacity while enhancing passenger travel conditions by developing these facilities.

The proposal also intends to construct two additional terminals. The airport’s New Terminal One will represent the culmination of its building efforts. The airport has gone to great pains to make this the greatest terminal possible, and airport administrators have expressed their joy and enthusiasm for the new terminal on several occasions.